City of London: Capital of an invisible empire

  • April 2018
Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten: You´ve produced and directed a documentary on the City of London, titled „The Spider´s Web“. What motivated you to do it and what is the title alluding to? Michael Oswald: I was reading Nicholas Shaxson’s book „Treasure Islands“, which contained a number of quotes to the effect that London’s position as a

Despite sanctions: Russia remains in EU-friendly attitude

  • January 2018
In an interview with Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the EU, Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov, analyzes the background of the diplomatic crisis between Russia and the European Union. He warns that a lasting division of the continent will further weaken Europe in a world of increasing competition. Regarding EU-joint defense

Building boom for new apartments in Sweden

  • October 2017
In the course of 2015 Sweden accepted approximately 160,000 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and Afghanistan.  Considered per head of population this was more than any other country in Europe. This number of immigrants has put huge pressure on the housing market, although even before this influx it had been difficult to find an inexpensive